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Monday, April 28, 2008

Self Portrait

I am entering the American Artist Self Portrait contest, and have been working on my painting for it. It is alway a more self conscious effort to paint when I know the painting has a purpose. If I am just painting for myself (even though I know it will go in my Etsy shop) I am not so concerned with how it is going to turn out, and more connected to the process of painting. With this painting I am so worried about the final outcome. Is it going to be good enough etc... I need to take a deep breath and lose myself in the process again. Here are some images of it in its' beginning stages.

Yes, I am painting in my pajamas.

Also the contest is still going on to win a print of Gretchen, make sure and enter below!


S.HOPtalk said...

Best of luck with the contest...it looks like you're off to a great start. My dad is a painter and it's always fascinating to hear about the process he goes through with each of his creations. Unfortunately, I did not inherit ANY of his painting talents.

P.S. Also, meant to mention how much I love your pin up girl. Hope you do more...

design for mankind. said...

OH MY GOODNESS--- you totally have my vote! :)

Julia said...

Whoot, whoot! I'm pouring positive energy your way as you work on this masterpiece :)

I love that you're a lefty!

wunderbug said...

good luck with the contest - it looks like you're in great shape so far! if it ends up looking anything like your banner, you're all set... i love that banner!

ThePeachTree said...

I get my best work done in my pajamas :) I can't wait to see the incredible portrait that unfolds before us!

Diana said...

Congratulations! You're off to a fantastic start. It already looks like a masterpiece. I love the framing and the pensive nature present in all of your work. I think you're a shoe-in.

I've been so out of it for a few days that I didn't even know about the prints or the contest. Great idea on both accounts. I'll go choose one and report back for an entry.


Margins. said...

I love how you show the process!! It's always great to see the steps before the final product.

Love your pjs by the way :)