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Monday, May 26, 2008

My lucky day!

Hello all, I just returned from my little solo vacation (will post pics and tell you all about it tomorrow) and found out that lo and behold I am in FOUR treasuries! I could not believe it and they all contain the same two journals, one of which sold, the other maybe soon? So here they are ladies and gentlemen (although besides my dad I don't know if any other gentlemen who read my blog).

"Lady" from the wonderful Peach Tree

"Oh Jealously" from the lovely Ozknits

A bookbinding "Shop Hop" treasury made by Flurrsprite (to learn about the "Shop Hop" go here.

"Some Like it Hot" from MissKnits

So thank you all who included me in their pretty treasuries. It was a really nice surprise.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have a new journal, and I have to admit I really love it. The paper has a really wonderful texture to it and I love the silver chandeliers. Yesterday when I was photographing it, I decided to do a few with Maya holding it. I think I may do more of these, she is so cute :) Then I decided to do a little photo shoot since she was wearing one of her princess dresses and looked really magical. It was such a beautiful day yesterday too, I am so glad the weather is finally warm again. Now I just need to get to the garden!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Writers Block

I have had a serious case of writer's block for about two weeks now. There have been things going on with the family, and I have been working like a mad woman on my books. Therefore my blog has looked quite sparse. Luckily A Muted Palette has been kind enough to tag me, therefore giving me something to write about.

So without further delay; "Seven Random Irrelevant Things about Me"

1. I used to be goth. From the time I was 17 until about 24 I wore predominantly black, listened to The Cure, Nine Inch Nails etc. Now I wear whatever is clean and really do not spend much time on my looks at all. A complete 360 degree turn from when I would meticulously apply black eyeliner and lipstick and dye my hair purple.

2. I don't like to wear chapstick because I think that if I wear it, I will become dependent on it.

3. I am completely addicted to sugar. I actually *try* to eat healthy organic food, but I just can't stay away from such junk as snickers bars. It's bad.

4. My mother is 40 years older than I am. I have three much older brothers, two of which are in their 50's. I was the only one planned.

5. When I was younger I was obsessed with the Violent Femmes.

6. My favorite thing in the world is absurdism.

7. I am told I look like Scarlett Johansson. Sweet, she's hot.

Now the fun part is that I get to tag seven other people. So if you are on the list below, "you're it"

1. Red Otter, of course ;)
2. How to Draw a Cup of Coffee
3. The Peach Tree
4. Oz Knits
5. SmacThoughts
6. Margins
7. Dollface Design

Friday, May 16, 2008

My dad's shop is open

As I mentioned before, my dad, James, has taken up painting and I really like his style. He has set up a shop on Etsy as well called Vernon Arts. Please stop by his shop and check out his paintings.

"Stone Manor " copyright 2008 James Schaffer

"Red Shed" copyright 2008 James Schaffer

"Flowers" copyright 2008 James Schaffer

"Stone Bridge Farm" copyright 2008 James Schaffer

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Past in the Future

I am an avid reader, so much so that sometimes other more necessary responsibilities take a back seat. Although I am currently reading Emma by Jane Austen, one of my favorite books, that I really want to be reading is The Diamond Age or A Young Ladies' Illustrated Primer by Neil Stephenson. I love this book. It is based in the future, but one cultural group in the book has its identity rooted in the Victorian period. This brings me to another thing I am fond of, which is the Steampunk movement, although I did not know until I discovered Etsy that there was an actual name for this style. I love the idea of dressing up and putting effort into a wardrobe (although since I had Maya this doesn't really happen anymore!) and I love the clothing of the Victorian age. Anyway if you enjoy the Steampunk movement, I strongly suggest you read The Diamond Age, actually, I strongly suggest reading it even if you don't like the Steampunk movement :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So lately when I sit down to make art, I am either working on an enormous cat, or I am creating a guestbook for someone. Making wedding guestbooks are more fun than I thought, because you get to know the couple to be though their choices. It is nice. Here is the most recent one I have made. I will be making another one tonight.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

too tired for anything but tv

I have neglected you, sorry!

I am exhausted, working at my day job and my garden has left me completely incapable of doing much during the evening other than watching old episodes of the X-Files. Which has been great, I used to love that show and now I am completely loving watching it with my husband (although now it looks so much cheesier!) Last night we watched the episode where a computer takes over and murders people (wooooo) "file deleted" the computer says after someone gets it. Hilarious.

Friday, May 2, 2008

And the winner is...

Last week I held a contest on my blog to win a print of my ACEO "Gretchen". Tonight, while my daughter was getting ready for bed, I had her pick a name out of the bowl. And the lucky winner is Helen of Ozknits!!!! Congratulations, Helen! And thank you all who entered and told me about some great Etsy artists, I have found some new faves!

I love Jadite!

So I have been obsessing over Jadite for awhile now, and really really want some! It is dinnerware created by the Anchor Hocking Glass company in the 1940's and 50's. There is a store here is Madison called Pick More Daisies where you can get it, and you can find it on Etsy as well. It is really heavy which would be great for my family because we have a tendency to break dishes quite frequently. Anyway it is what I want for Mother's Day.

Image courtesy of thepioneerwoman.com

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Red Otter!

So today, May Day, is Julia's birthday. Hip hip hooray! So I am giving a shout out to her and her oh so lovely books, especially her two new ones. I am still feeling a little sick today, but I will be well enough to go out with her and the boys to celebrate her birthday tonight. Here are her newest creations (aren't they so pretty?)

Calliope Journals

Be sure to wish her a happy birthday at her blog