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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big time

writer's block. yep. and my "r" and "e" key are not working very well on my 'puter. I have been working very hard on a booklet of recipes for a customer's upcoming wedding. What I really really want to do is paint. I want to paint the cicada that my daughter found outside, and I want to paint other things as well, but I am having a case of painter's block as well... do I continue to paint portraits? Can I paint other things? Should I continue to develop a theme and style or do I say screw that, I'll paint what I want! Man oh man...

Anyway here are a few pretty things I just bought and am very excited to get in the mail.

"Ditto's" by the Peach Tree, aren't they so exquisite?

Sophia Messenger Bag from Glory Daze. I really needed a new purse.