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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Diana, at A Muted Palette is just about the coolest ever. So I knew that Strathmore was going to use my ACEO in an ad campaign, but I had not seen anything about it yet, until I was contacted by Diana with a surprise on her blog. And there it was, my self portrait in her local art supply store! I have been having a little bit of my 15 minutes lately. Not only am I in Strathmore's ads, but I am also in this issue of Venus Zine magazine. I was contacted by Amy, the founder, telling me that she liked my art, asking me if I would like to be their "Reader of the Ish" so right now I am in two magazines, Venus Zine, and The Artist's Magazine, on their Strathmore Ad. Pretty cool.


Also, I am not the only fan in my family of Diana's beautiful and haunting artwork, my dad really likes her work too, and just bought a copy of Delve (my favorite, I am so jealous!).

On another note, I finally had time to make a few books for my shop. I have been a bit
bogged down with custom orders and making books for shops outside of Etsy, that I haven't had the time to give Etsy much time. Now if I could get some time to paint I would be a very happy girl.

Aspen Journal

Plum Blossom Guest Book

Blue and Brown Guest Book

Silver Flowers Guest Book

Till next time, thank you for all your support!

Monday, June 9, 2008

In love

Right at this very moment I have the sweetest, softest little bundle of cuteness curled up on my lap asleep. His name is Buttermilk, and he is a sweet Holland Lop/Netherlands Dwarf mix baby bunny. He is so tiny I can cup him in my hands.

We took Maya on Saturday to go and get him from a rabbit breeder as a surprise for her. She was a very excited and happy little girl when she realized what we were doing! When we brought him home at first he was a little timid, but now he is a part of the family. He runs around my house like a crazy person and then jumps up on my lap and grooms me. He and I have really bonded together. He likes Nathaniel and Maya as well, but Maya needs to learn to sit still if she wants him to jump up onto her lap!

Now if only we could get him litter trained completely (we have nicknamed him Sir Poops A Lot)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lush Plush

My find for today is the work of Waffle Brown, a newbie on Etsy who creates idiosyncratic plush creatures. His creations are not only works of art, but look at how snuggly they are! I am having a hard time resisting them! Find his work here.




Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorial Day

It is a week past Memorial Day, but I have been busy snuggling with my husband , who returned from Japan on Wednesday. Nathaniel was gone for a week, not that long, but having him so far away made me miss him more. Anyway to take my mind away from missing him I decided to have a little "me" time and go on a little vacation by myself. This was the first time I have ever done this and I LOVED it, I think I may make a habit of once a year going off by myself. On Saturday, I left for Door County with the radio turned up. I stopped in Sturgeon Bay and walked around a little arts and crafts fair, and then made my way up to Ephraim. At around 5 I made it to the little bed and breakfast I was staying at called The French Country Inn of Ephraim and met Walt, the innkeeper. The French Country Inn was perfect! It was exactly what I expected. The decor was simple and beautiful and the rooms were cozy and comfortable. Walt was the nicest innkeeper, as were the other guests. I loved the late night conversations over tea and homemade cookies. The best part of my vacation were the delicious homemade breakfasts Walt would make and sitting around for hours at breakfast talking with him and the other guests. It was so comfortable it felt like home. Walt made homemade pancakes and scones, and there was fresh rhubarb sauce and cherry yogurt parfaits just to name a few of the delectable items. (mmmm... I have been craving cherries since I got back!) I did not do too many activities while there, but I did go to a few gallery openings, walked around a folk school, visited the Ridges Sanctuary and went to a fish boil. I had an absolutely wonderful time and am looking forward to my next trip to Door County.

The French Country Inn of Ephraim, Ephraim, Wisconsin

My room

Walt and the other guests, Walt is the man in the plaid shirt

The breathtaking view of Peninsula State Park

The Fish Boil

The fish boil dinner, so yummy!

The Cliffside Room at The Clearing Folk School

You can't take a trip to Door County without seeing the goats on the roof in Sister Bay!

The view of Bailey's Harber from the beach by The Ridges Santuary