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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Featured Artist 4.10.08

Although I love simplicity in art, with clean lines, flat colors and what have you, I also am very much in love with a painterly style of work as well. Therefore I absolutely love the art of maronresur, who is a master of portraiture. My favorites being the "Slave Army" series.

"Slave Army 5"

"Slave Army 8"


Julia said...

Oh! I love the vivid colors in these! The lips look so luscious! Thank you for posting these :)

wunderbug said...

these are gorgeous! i agree with julia - the lips are luscious - thanks for sharing!

Diana said...

Wow!!! Absolutely incredible. My mouth is agape.

Thanks for sharing!

Michele Maule said...

These are beautiful portraits!
I love the palette. You should check out Jenny Saville. Some of her paintings are pretty gruesome, and even grotesque, but she has some really amazing portraits too. Lots of thick paint and bright colors. They are really beautiful.

Margins. said...

Thanks for bringing these to my attention. It's really amazing what artists are capable of. Blows my mind.