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Sunday, April 13, 2008


So this weekend has been a bit busy. Yesterday, Nathaniel and I took Maya to the Kids Arts Festival at the Overture Center, which was fun but we got there a bit late so we missed most of it (we like to sleep in). Then groceries, Hobby Lobby to buy a gold frame for my Tudor painting and home.

Today we woke up early (much to the displeasure of my husband) and went to the UW Dairy Pavilion for the 13th annual farm breakfast. It was cold and the food was not exactly yummy, but we had fun. Especially at the petting zoo where Maya got to hold baby chicks, lambs and bunnies. I am still a little high off of all the cuteness.

I did manage to get a little art done, and am spending the rest of the day making more. Here is my newest journal, no name yet, but I think it is almost (but not quite) as cute as seeing Maya hold a baby chick.


ThePeachTree said...

Sounds like a packed day! I'm glad you were able to get there for some fun at the fair. The new journal is incredible :) Absolutely love the button!

Diana said...

That journal is delicious! There's something about the balance that is very zen, but then the palette is almost like candy... unique and lovely and memorable, like everything you put your hand to.

What a wonderful weekend! That sucks that the food wasn't so hot, though; they should have at least grilled up a good breakfast for getting out of bed so early! Would love to see if the over-cuteness quotient in your bloodstream will filter out into your art... :)

Ann said...

Nice looking journal you have there.

Wonderful button... sweet color.

Michele Maule said...

Baby chicks, lambs, AND bunnies?

So cute!!

I love the new journal too. It looks juicy :)

Anonymous said...


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