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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Nothing much new here in Art Kitten land... working on a commissioned portrait for a wedding present, which is almost done, and my poor bunny was neutered on Tuesday. He is doing much better today and even did a few binkys (joyful jumps in the air). I thought I would post a few images of some of my Etsy Favorites today, and hope that you will find some new favorites yourself.

Rabbit by Esoule in honor of my poor bunny

Regina - knitting shrug (I want this sooo much) by Silvia66

Garden Tea Dress by rareturtle - in honor of Oktoberfest :)

Also Michele Maule's lovely treasury that she was nice enough to include me in made it to the front page the other day, yippee! Thanks Michele!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Color Me Mustard

I haven't done a treasury in ages, and happened to look at the treasury yesterday right when it was switching over, serendipity! I created this teasury based on my favorite color of the season, deep yellow. I can't get enough of this color! I just bought a blazer in it, tights and now a necklace! Please visit and comment if you have time.

Here is the gorgeous necklace I just bought from Mary Fly Fly. I love it! There are also matching earrings that I am coveting. What is your favorite color this season?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Books

Jasper Journal

White Blossom Journal

This is the cover of a commissioned piece that I just finished this week.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I decided to do the Etsy Challenge

(it is my book that is in the challenge today, not my painting!)

I heard about it through Diana, on her blog, and decided to check it out (Diana won her challenge btw, go wish her congrats!). I entered a painting, and a book. If you would like to vote, you can here tomorrow, Sept. 15th. In other news... well actually I don't have much other news...

I had a wonderful relaxing weekend with my husband. We went out for breakfast at our favorite spot, and dinner last night at Tex Tubbs (a really fun Tex Mex restaurant). We were going to go see "Burn After Reading" (don't give anything away if you saw it!) after dinner but we had a bit too much food and margaritas and decided to go home instead. We ordered brownies and cookies to be delivered (I love living in a college town!) and watched The Burbs. Does anyone remember that movie? It is one of my all time favorites, but I was so in love with Corey Feldman when I was little (did I just admit that!?) An excellent weekend if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I think this treasury is so so pretty, don't you? Well, I did not get the teaching job, I didn't even get to finish the sub job because they transferred someone for it. Madison has too many less than full time art teachers, and so they need to fill up spots with existing teachers first, which means that it is a rarity for a job to open up to someone outside of the system. The problem with budget cuts, a mismanaged system and a town with a college in it.

Anyway I am happy to continue subbing and working from home for now. It means more time to focus on my art, which the painting bug has definitely hit me. I have ideas for more portraits, paintings of cicadas and a painting of the Dude for my husband for our anniversary. I have a portrait commission I am working on currently, and a lot of book projects, but once those are complete I can begin to paint for myself again (until I get new commissions).

What is everyone else working on currently?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Days

Yesterday the entire family went back to school. Nathaniel started his second year of law school, Maya started first grade (she is growing up too fast!) and I started a long term sub job that will last at least two weeks. I really am enjoying it so far, and wish that it would turn into a permanent position. The job is open, but someone will probably transfer and take it. Cross your fingers for me, though and maybe a miracle will happen and I will actually get a teaching position!
Maya seems to be doing well at school, but I can't get her to talk about what she is doing she says, "she doesn't remember" :) I also have added a few new journals to my shop and a few new prints of paintings that have sold. Here are a few of the journals.

Koi Journal

Ephraim Journal - named after the little town we stayed at in Door County a couple weekends ago.

Apple Journal

Magnolia Journal

Tell me how "back to school" is going for all of you, if there is a back to school for you :)