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Sunday, March 2, 2008

A wonderful day with wonderful friends

As mentioned, Nathaniel and I went to Milwaukee yesterday with our friends Andrew and Julia. It was a blast! Nathaniel and Andrew are in law school together so they of course spent most of the time talking about law and politics. Julia and I had an agenda for going, which was to check out the shop Broadway Paper looking at new goodies for our bookmaking projects. Because we both have shops on Etsy selling books (Julia introduced me, with I am forever thankful for) we had one rule as we salivated over the lovely paper, that we could not buy the same papers :)

First, we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum. The architecture of this building is so exquisite.

Nathaniel, Julia and Andrew

Julia and I

Next Julia and I went to Broadway Paper while Nathaniel and Andrew went to a coffee shop.

Julia and I in front of Broadway Paper

The paper and ribbon I bought, I can't wait to use them!

We had a nice dinner at Beans & Barley, a cute little restaurant and market that Nathaniel and I would go to with his sister and brother in law when they lived in Milwaukee

Andrew and Julia

Nathaniel and I


Julia said...

Oh happy, happy, happy day! This was such a great day with you guys :) Hugs and heaps of love for posting! I love these photos!

Cicada Studio said...

This art museum looks fantastic. It's a must on our list of places to go.