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Monday, March 17, 2008


It is late... midnight. I am tired but do not want to sleep. Nathaniel is gone for the week, and it feels strange to sleep without him. Instead I stayed up to start the guestbook I am creating for a customers' wedding. Lately when I am working I put on Pandora and listen to "my station," which consists of the music of Belle and Sebastian, DeVotchKa, Beck, Feist, amongst others. Pandora has the nifty feature of playing not only songs from those artists, but picks artists that are similar. Tonight Pandora played the Gin Blossoms, which brought back a flood of high school memories (aging myself here). Particularly the memories of sleeping over at my best friend, Carrie's house. She fell asleep every night listening to the local pop radio station and hence so did I when I slept over there. While laying awake listening to the radio I would often feel a sense of nostalgia, although I am not sure exactly what I was feeling nostalgic for. So every now and then, I will hear a song that will bring me straight back to those nights and I will again feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and sadness. I go to bed tonight with those memories and emotions in my heart, listening to the music of my past.

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wunderbug said...

i love the gin blossoms - i listen to an online radio streaming site when i'm at work (www.accuradio.com) where you can choose what you want to listen to according to genre, and my favourite station is the 90's alternative station.. songs from high school, all of them! you hear so many of those songs on there that just take you back to the days of remember-when.