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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interview with Red Otter

My first interview of amazing artists that I love begins with Julia aka Red Otter. Julia is a bookbinder and designer that sells on Etsy. Her shop is filled with bright, gorgeous journals that are almost too pretty to write in!

"Lime Lime Notebook"

1. Why did you start to make journals, how did you learn to make them?

About four years ago I was living in a small bedroom in a lovely house, living paycheck to paycheck when I came to last page in my journal. Seeing as I would’ve much rather spent my money on tea and oranges, I decided to make myself a journal. I used paper given to my by an art professor and fishing line from one of my roommates. After that adventure, I slowly developed the techniques and processes of book making.

"The Mini"

2. What is your inspiration?

The online artist community! Right now artists blogs are a favorite source of inspiration. Places like Posie Gets Cozy, or Perfectbound I find daily inspiration from. I love popping in to see what Simply Breakfast has in store, along with Creature Comforts and tinyk. I find inspiration from artists who make the simple and everyday things into something marvelous and unique. I find inspiration from women who have taken a craft or art they love to do and made a small/big business out of it!

"Orange Persimmon Journal"

3. You recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin from Minnesota, how is the change affecting you?

Madison, Wisconsin is a wonderful community to live in! I was so surprised when I moved here, I think I had anticipated something more rural, less chic. Madison offers so much in the realm of art and culture, its positively brimming with inspiration and opportunities. Moving away from Duluth was tough though. I miss the lake. I miss having that calming presence in my life.

4. What is your favorite thing about making art and journals? What is your favorite material?

I love tying up that last stitch in a journal, pulling the linen thread taught, then turning the journal over and looking at the finished product. It's thrilling to create something like a book. For me, I find so much satisfaction in creating something utilitarian as well as beautiful! I love working with silk ribbon and an eclectic array of papers. It seems as if there are endless combinations and potential creations!

"Piccadilly Square"

5. What is your favorite aspect of selling in Etsy?
I love meeting new people! I feel like there's a world of fellow artists, dreamers, and creators at my fingertips! I love the support I find on Etsy, it's unlike anything I've ever been apart of!

"Little Owl Notebook"

You can find these lovely journals and others on Julia's Etsy shop http://redotter.etsy.com and check out her blog at redotter580.blogspot.com.

Thank you Red Otter for taking the time for this interview!


Julia said...

Thank you so much, Susie! You did an excellent job putting this together. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you :)

SofiesC said...

Very interesting interview! Great reading, and beautiful work! ( and I don't just mean from redotter)

Anonymous said...

Great feature! Her books are beautiful, I especially love the "mini's"!

S.HOPtalk said...

Great interview and post. I love redotter's journals...those "minis" are calling my name. :)

Diana said...

Beautiful journals, and great interview!!! Thanks so much for the feature.