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Friday, March 21, 2008

Girl's Day Out

Every once in awhile, Maya and I do something just the two of us. For the first day of Spring, we hopped on the free bus and headed downtown to State St.

Maya on the bus

First we headed over to Wasabi for sushi for lunch. Although I prefer the sushi at Muramoto, Wasabi is definitely one of the best places in Madison if you love sushi (which Maya and I do!)

Next, as requested by Maya we headed over to the Madison Children's Museum. Which is hailed as one of the top ten children's museums in the US. Maya loves it here. My favorite is the kid size farmer's market, with cloth food.

Next we went to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. If you are going to visit Madison, (which I highly recommend) this is a must to see. The architecture is incredible and their collection is great.

The view from the rooftop garden is incredible

Last Maya and I headed over to the Chocolate Shoppe for ice cream. The Chocolate Shoppe in my opinion has the best ice cream ever. It was a satisfying end to a fun afternoon, for just the two of us.


Julia said...

Looks like you girls had a proper "Girl Day" date :)

Ivy said...

What a nice day with a darling girl!

Michele Maule said...

Aww what a sweet little girl!

I had mommy daughter days with my mom, and we use to have so much fun :)