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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween, craft fairs and a new painting

Hello all, sorry it as been awhile since I rapped at ya (I sound like Jim Anchower from The Onion, for those familiar) I have been super busy getting books and paintings ready for the upcoming craft fair that I am going to be in. It is my first and I am super excited! This past summer I blogged about the Summer Craftacular where I posted some images of local Etsy artist's ware (read about it here). Well now I get to be a part of it!!! I have been waiting since I heard about the fair to be a vendor and if it goes well I am going to start to apply to summer craft fairs.

Anyway here is the link to the fair, and if you live in the area I would love it if you stopped by and said howdy or aloha or ni hao or maybe just hi :)

I also wanted to post some pictures of Maya from Halloween. I was pretty proud of how well her costume came out. It was my first time sewing an outfit on my machine and now I am definitely addicted! She decided to be a princess this year (really she wanted to be a Pikachu but I could not find her that costume, so she went with her second choice) and she picked out the fabric and I got to work. In the end there were a few mistakes but all in all I was pretty happy.

Doesn't she look lovely?

And here is a new painting that sold as a print in my shop :)


Michele Maule said...

Maya's costume looks awesome! Great job!

How exciting about your craft fair! Don't worry. Your items are so beautiful and wonderful they'll sell themselves! Wish I could stop by and say hi. You're going to have so much fun :)

Be sure to take lots of pictures and post them.

Diana said...

Congratulations on your upcoming craft fair! I know you'll do spectacularly. Your art is such that it hits everyone on such a personal level, and is enigmatic and still approachable. And your books are functional pieces of art! Everyone will love your stuff (and you, too). You'll have to tell me all about your experience.

Maya is beautiful! And what gorgeous photos. You should definitely find more sewing projects; you're a natural.

I love the new painting. Love it. Like all your pieces, I wonder about the parts not shown. Why so much attention and great love to the socks? What does it mean??? I always want to know, but really like not knowing even more.

I love reading about your goings on! Thanks for sharing and updating. I also love getting your tweets on Twitter. You're such wonderful companionship throughout the day.