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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Late Birthday Thank You's

On October 16th I turned 30 years old. And I feel ok about it. I feel more in my skin as a 30 year old I think. For my birthday I had one of the best parties I have had. On the Tuesday before my birthday, Julia (aka Red Otter) and I went out for manicures as what I thought was a way to de-stress after a harried weekend. The manicures were wonderful and afterwards we went out for drinks. I had suggested ordering appetizers but Julia said that we needed to go. We walked across the street and she led me to my favorite restaurant, Muramoto (an excellent sushi restaurant) and there our husbands were waiting for us with presents! Yay! I was very surprised and elated. The best present I received (although the chocolates and flowers were pretty great) was a beautiful frame with some kind and wonderful words from my Etsy friends and Maya, Andrew and Nathaniel. So a huge thank you to Diana, Amy, Michelle, Julia and Michele Maule for it. I was so touched.

Thank you.

Also here are some pictures of Maya, Nathaniel and I on my actual birthday eating the cake that Nathaniel made for me :)


ThePeachTree said...

Well happy birthday, wonderful! Julia always has something otteriffic hiding up her sleeve :) I'm so happy that you had such a lovely, memorable birthday!

Pass the cake!

Michele Maule said...

So glad you had such a great birthday, Susan!!

Michele Maule said...


You've been tagged :)
See my blog for the details!

Julia said...

It was so, so much fun, wasn't it?

We love you so much, Susie!