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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I think this treasury is so so pretty, don't you? Well, I did not get the teaching job, I didn't even get to finish the sub job because they transferred someone for it. Madison has too many less than full time art teachers, and so they need to fill up spots with existing teachers first, which means that it is a rarity for a job to open up to someone outside of the system. The problem with budget cuts, a mismanaged system and a town with a college in it.

Anyway I am happy to continue subbing and working from home for now. It means more time to focus on my art, which the painting bug has definitely hit me. I have ideas for more portraits, paintings of cicadas and a painting of the Dude for my husband for our anniversary. I have a portrait commission I am working on currently, and a lot of book projects, but once those are complete I can begin to paint for myself again (until I get new commissions).

What is everyone else working on currently?

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Michele Maule said...

Sorry about the job Susan. I think it might be a good thing considering all of the new projects and ideas you've got going on :)

That treasury is very lovely. I haven't been able to make one it awhile...the treasuries have been really wacky.

I can't wait to see your paintings of cicadas. I was actually thinking about drawing some as well...we'll see though.

I am really getting the hang of screen printing, so I am trying to think up some new ideas for it...