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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Color Me Mustard

I haven't done a treasury in ages, and happened to look at the treasury yesterday right when it was switching over, serendipity! I created this teasury based on my favorite color of the season, deep yellow. I can't get enough of this color! I just bought a blazer in it, tights and now a necklace! Please visit and comment if you have time.

Here is the gorgeous necklace I just bought from Mary Fly Fly. I love it! There are also matching earrings that I am coveting. What is your favorite color this season?


ThePeachTree said...

This is absolutely my favorite color of the season :) And that necklace IS gorgeous!! Thank you again for including my (yours really!) earrings in your serendipitous treasury!!

wunderbug said...

that's awesome! i totally just tried on a mustard-coloured silk top yesterday. i've never in my life bought anything yellow because it makes me look ill, but this top was *gorgeous!*

(too bad i didnt buy it 'cause it was so expensive.)

great necklace, and congrats on getting a treasury! the only ones i ever got were from treasury west. :)

justagirl said...

interesting colour, people either love it or hate it... I like to look at it, but probably not wear it.

as we are coming into spring mine would have to be bright green at this precise moment in time.

Eggman Studios said...

Aww..thank you so much for the treasury feature! I'm madly in love with yellow right now too. And it looks so awesome with many different color combos.

Yellow tights! Ooh cool.

Michele Maule said...

Thank you Susan :) It look BE-U-T-FULL!!

Christopher And Tia said...

I don't normally like that color. But you drew me in, and made it looks so apealing.