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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

spooky mice and creepy cemetery

Passing out the "brains"/ Maya and her friends

Specimen jars

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything (I meant to, really I did!) but I have been focusing most of my energies on substitute teaching this year hence not as many products in the shops and no blog posts. It is hard to juggle a job, family and everything else! But I did manage to have time to throw a Halloween party for Maya this year and probably spent more time on the decorations than I should have (but they turned out so cool, I won't take them down until Thanksgiving!) Here are a few examples of the decorations (most of the ideas I got from marthastewart.com) and Maya and her friends having fun at the party. It turned out great! I made ghoulish punch in my canning jar/cauldron (with frozen ice hands) and a yummy green spider web cake (I wished I would have gotten a good picture of the food table, it was so neat!). The kids (all 15 of them, yowza) played pin the teeth on the vampire (Maya's idea) freeze dance, and the old Halloween stand-by, guess the body part (you know, spaghetti brains and peeled grape eyes) and at the end I told a ghost story. The kids had a great time and were thoroughly sugared up to send back home to their parents. For decorations I made tons of bats which hung from the ceiling and walls, creepy mice silhouettes for the stairs and baseboards, spiderwebs and spiders, a creepy cemetery scene, and my favorite: specimen jars with cabbage as brains and floating eyeballs and spiders. I bet you can't guess which is my absolute favorite holiday ;)

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