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Monday, August 24, 2009


Back to Madison, yippee! I really feel that Madison is home now. It would be so great if Nathaniel could find a job here after school so we could stay (or maybe I should start grad school and postpone it for another two or so years, ah more student loan debt). I will post pictures of our new gorgeous apt. as soon as everything is unpacked and organized (or at least partly organized). . My weekend was spent unpacking (of course) but we did manage to take a trip to the comic book store and buy the latest Buffy comic and drink coffee and peruse the magazines at Border's. What did you do this weekend?

I need a few things for the new place, particularly lamps, since there is no overhead lighting in any room. The Swiss Lamp by http://jillrosenwald.etsy.com would be perfect!


Christopher And Tia said...

I hate unpacking. Do you find that some of the boxes contain things that you really don't even want, and you fold it up and set it aside, wondering if you could get away with just throwing the dang thing away? Or is that just me..

Art Kitten said...

Every time we move this is what happens, and I don't understand why we moved it in the first place. And of course there is the stuff that you really do not have a purpose for. but you may someday so you hold onto it. I find that stuff to be the most annoying stuff to unpack.

Michele Maule said...

Glad you're back in Madison safely and that you are in an apartment that you really enjoy! Can't wait to see pictures! :D