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Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Bees are Stupid"

Well yesterday didn't quite go how we planned.

So Nathaniel, Maya and I decided to take a hike through the woods behind our house yesterday morning. There are some beautiful trails and acres called the Eagle Heights Woods and a trail-head literally 10 feet from our new house, so we wanted to check it out. We were walking for about a half and hour when Maya stopped to look at a flower and then started screaming. A bee (or more likely a wasp) had stung her. As she was pretty upset we decided we would head back home. I started walking with Maya back and saw lots and lots of bees swarming and quickly turned around.

Nathaniel picked Maya up and we started walking away quickly when Maya screamed again, she had been stung again! We walked until we were far enough away that we could set Maya down and she started screaming again as she had been stung again and again! We took off her clothes and she had three bees inside of her pants and shirt. We rushed home (the whole time Maya telling us she hated the woods and that "bees are stupid" and by the time we got back Maya's whole body was red with little welts everywhere and she was itching like crazy.

So on to the Emergency room. Maya was shaking she was so freaked and upset and extremely scared she might have to get a shot. (The doctors were all very nice and gave her the meds by mouth since she was breathing fine) We were in the emergency room from noon until 5, when Maya's welts had finally disappeared.

We went out to eat at Tex Tubbs and when we got home almost all the welts had reappeared and she was itching all over again. Back to the hospital (the doctor's said if the rash reappeared we had to take her back to the ER). After long hours of sitting and waiting (I think they get paid hourly) we were allowed to go, and did not get home until 9:30, exhausted and haggard.

Maya was a trooper the whole time, poor girl, but she did get to watch tv and play video games all day.

But she is fine, and now we know what kind of reaction she will have if stung by bees. The same thing happens to me as well (I did get stung on the butt, too, but I didn't get hives this time).

poor Maya was so tired by the time it was all over

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Christopher And Tia said...

OH. My gosh.



What an awful experience. Bees ARE stupid. I've never been stung, ever. Miss Eleanore got her first bee sting last week, but didn't have a reaction anywhere NEAR that bad. Poor girl. What a brave little girl though.

Stupid bees.