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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Past in the Future

I am an avid reader, so much so that sometimes other more necessary responsibilities take a back seat. Although I am currently reading Emma by Jane Austen, one of my favorite books, that I really want to be reading is The Diamond Age or A Young Ladies' Illustrated Primer by Neil Stephenson. I love this book. It is based in the future, but one cultural group in the book has its identity rooted in the Victorian period. This brings me to another thing I am fond of, which is the Steampunk movement, although I did not know until I discovered Etsy that there was an actual name for this style. I love the idea of dressing up and putting effort into a wardrobe (although since I had Maya this doesn't really happen anymore!) and I love the clothing of the Victorian age. Anyway if you enjoy the Steampunk movement, I strongly suggest you read The Diamond Age, actually, I strongly suggest reading it even if you don't like the Steampunk movement :)


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does that have a corset in that?! i should get me one of those for posture's sake. ;)