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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big time

writer's block. yep. and my "r" and "e" key are not working very well on my 'puter. I have been working very hard on a booklet of recipes for a customer's upcoming wedding. What I really really want to do is paint. I want to paint the cicada that my daughter found outside, and I want to paint other things as well, but I am having a case of painter's block as well... do I continue to paint portraits? Can I paint other things? Should I continue to develop a theme and style or do I say screw that, I'll paint what I want! Man oh man...

Anyway here are a few pretty things I just bought and am very excited to get in the mail.

"Ditto's" by the Peach Tree, aren't they so exquisite?

Sophia Messenger Bag from Glory Daze. I really needed a new purse.


Diana said...

That messenger bag: GORGEOUS!!!!!

It's always been my experience that a lull, especially where it concerns one's creativity, is sort of like a wellspring for input. Since it's hard to be a conduit in two directions at once, just drink in all you can. I'll bet you anything that you find, when you're ready, that the resting phase was merely the springboard for a whole new world of creativity and spontaneity.

I will be very excited to see what happens! And will be very content to just keep your great company in the meantime.


Eggman Studios said...

Diana speaks wise words. :)

I have this theory that Fall is the time of year when creative types (and all folks, really) need a mental and physical break from their normal routine. You're feeling it, I'm feeling it, and many other artists I know are desperately feeling it too. It's the time right after a busy summer (attending art fairs/festivals, hectic summer plans with friends/family, new business promotions, applying for winter shows/festivals, etc) but right before the even crazier holiday season...which is enough to drain event the toughest soul just thinking about it.

I'd say, gather your thoughts and ideas, make lots of sketches, collect inspirational bits and bobs and do some little experiments. And then, pretty dang quickly, I reckon, you'll burst out and, without overthinking, paint up a storm.

I love that bag you bought! Nice choice! :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Don't you hate it when something on your keyboard isn't functioning right. It makes doing simple tasks so much more difficult than one would think.

ThePeachTree said...

You rock :)

S.HOPtalk said...

Oooh I love the messenger bag. Sorry for your "block dilemma". I think many of us are plagued with that from time to time. Sometimes it just takes stepping away from it for awhile to find new inspiration. I know you'll get your groove back and will be sharing your many talents with us once again.

xxoo Suzanne

P.S. Thanks for the magic cabin tip...love it.

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