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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ho hum

Well I actually have a lot to post, that needs catching up with, but this one is (because I am feeling a bit down and out today and because of time constrictions) a short one.

Today I will only mention a few things, one being that I am "self portrait" number 82 on The Self Portrait Gallery which you can view here.

Secondly I have had the opportunity in the past few weeks to be on the front page, which has made me please to say the least. The Wonderful Peach Tree snapped this image for me and the second one I was able to see with my own eyes. The Peach Tree is quite the treasury queen herself, as is Michelle Maule, who curated the second front page treasury I was in.

That is it for now. Teaching is going well, I had my students do an Artist Trading Card assignment, which was really successful (I want to keep them all!) and now one class is working on a comic book and the other is doing linoleum cuts. Fun fun.


The Mincing Mockingbird said...

Congrats on the front-paginess! Your images helped create some stunners!

Michele Maule said...

Hope your feeling a little bit better! Congrats on being on the FP twice! You totally deserve it chica :)

have a good weekend, and take care of yourself. :)

Diana said...

I'm sad that you're feeling down!!! I recognize it's perfectly normal, but I hate to think of you that way. I am going to do some thinking and see if I can come up with something to make you smile...

CONGRATULATIONS on all the recognition, and very well deserved! Both front page Treasuries you were in are so beautiful as to be like fleeting poems. The mood they create, these gorgeous works together, are spectacular. Your pieces within are riveting.

Your students are very lucky to have you! What exciting projects. I'll bet you're creating some lifelong artists. What a contribution to the betterment of all!

Sending happy thoughts,

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the front page! I did catch one of them. You sure deserve to be there!
The comic book project sounds fun! I wanna be in your class :)

ThePeachTree said...

I hope you get some much needed time for yourself and are able to relax yourself back into neutral :) I'm thrilled that you got two screenshots of your incredible talent being featured on the FP!! You deserve SOOOO much and more!!