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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Unfortunately the picture quality isn't that great (I really need a camera that will take decent pictures even when it isn't a bright day outside)

Last night we finally had time to decorate our big beautiful Fraser Christmas tree! This is very exciting for us because for the past 4 years we have lived in little apartments, and have either had very little trees, or no tree at all. This year is different, now that we live in a place with a living room, dining room and separate kitchen (not to mention the upstairs with two bedrooms and a bathroom) we have the room for a big beautiful Fraser Christmas tree. We bought it last Sunday, after a long search for a "cut your own Christmas tree" place outside of Madison, only to find our that those trees were almost $40.00 more than the precut trees we looked at in Madison (and the place was teeming with people). No thank you.

When we lived in Viroqua there was a wonderful tree farm outside of town where the trees were reasonably priced, and after you went and cut your own tree, they would give you hot cocoa and cookies after wards. It was great and I was hoping to recreate the experience here with no luck. So we went to a place in town and bought a much better priced, large tree that takes up half our living room! It is so big actually, that it would not fit in our tree stand and I spent a few hours (with my bread knife, because we don't have a saw) cutting the tree to fit in the stand.

We have these great French doors in our living room, and that is where we put the tree. And last night, while listening to Christmas music, with all the lights off except the tree lights, Maya Nathaniel and I hung up the ornaments on our big beautiful Fraser Christmas tree.

I will post tomorrow with pictures of the enormous snow fall we had last night (no school today, woohoo!) and decorating cookies with the family.


Anonymous said...

wow, it looks beautiful. beautiful family Christmas... Will you send your new address? Lucy

sMacThoughts said...

This looks dreamy; I love your old ornaments, and bet it smells so wonderful in your home!

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